Custom Keto Diet Review

Custom Keto Diet Introduction:

There’s definitely no doubt that the keto diet works. If you didn’t know, “keto” is short for ketosis, but more on that in another post.  I have been documenting my own progress online on YouTube, My Facebook Keto Group, My Facebook Page and other sites.  By no means has it been a smooth road. I believe a big part of that was due to not having a “guide” to go by.   I watched all the gurus on YouTube, listened to friends and family who were on the Keto Diet, and just made some assumptions. Not good. 

The object of the keto diet is to put your body into ketosis. What does that mean?   It means your body turns into a machine that runs on fat, rather than glucose.  Your body won’t have enough glucose to use on the keto diet, by eliminating sugar and carbs (which convert to sugar). It wants to run of course, so it burns fat instead of that glucose.  Good news! This fat can come from food of course, but the good news is it also burns the fat storage in your body.  Simply put, it burns fat instead of glucose.  It’s kind of like converting your engine from running on gasoline to diesel.  Burning fat has some advantages aside from losing weight too. The one you will probably notice the most is the increased energy.  

So back to getting into ketosis, if you can achieve that state, your body will be in fat burning mode.  The cravings for sugary foods and high carb foods will be diminished because your body has a nearly unlimited source of fuel.

This will feel fantastic!  Some things you will notice: The increased energy as I mentioned. Your cognitive abilities will improve; memory, concentration, focus. You will sleep better. You will have less inflammation through your whole body. Your gut, joints, heck I even get more flexible.  Your A1C may drop if you are a type 2 diabetic! Did I mention I have T2 diabetes? Well technically I do, but I know longer take ANY medications for it. It’s well controlled by the keto diet.  

However it can be difficult to get into ketosis, because the moment you eat just a little bit more carbs than your body needs, you will get knocked out of ketosis… Which really sucks! It’s a fine line too.  It can take days, even weeks to achieve a state of ketosis.  I got knocked out of ketosis once because I didn’t realize something I ordered in a restaurant had a little sugar in it. 

Don’t let that scare you off the keto diet though! People will tell you that you’ll need to use keto urine test strips, or a meter to measure ketones, to see if you’re in ketosis. I use them myself. It’s always good to monitor as you go. 

But I will not deny that all of this can be a hassle.  After months of dealing with it, I realized what I really needed was a guide. A plan. That is the key to succeeding with the keto diet. I needed a  blueprint to follow. A proven method of what to do, what to eat and what to drink. You need to know what foods you can eat.  Plus the macros (fat/calories/carbs/protein ratios).  When to have your meals, and so on. Yes, I know I can’t have pancakes with syrup for every meal. But it’s not quite as easy as saying “don’t eat carbs”. You’d be surprised by the hidden carbs out there. 

I’m sure this will seem overwhelming. Well it can be.
OK, it is.
That’s why I got Rachael Roberts’ guide to the Keto Diet, and why I am writing this. It’s also why Rachael Roberts’ program, ‘The Custom Keto Diet’ has become an online bestseller.

Let’s see why it’s so successful…


The Pro’s. Why to buy:

  1. We have become a society that relies on reviews and testimonials. You are here for a review, right? There are lots of positive testimonials, as well as success stories lending social proof to Rachael’s Custom Keto Diet Plan. You could bribe people for testimonials, and even reviews, but you can’t buy customer results.  If a program works, people will get results. Fast. This program works.
  2. Rachael’s plan delivers results in 8 weeks, which makes this hard to pass up to begin with.  This is probably The Custom Keto Diet’s biggest selling point. You don’t want to spend 6 months to see results.  56 days sounds better, doesn’t it?  But tell you what, email me when you see results in only 2 weeks. 
  3. Rachael Roberts is a credible authority that knows what she’s talking about. That’s definitely another plus point here.
  4. We all live busy lives for the most part. We are too busy most often to spend time trying to figure out what works, or if a particular recipe will work while staying within our limits. Want to dine out? ugh! The biggest obstacle of adhering to the keto diet is finding the right combination of foods to stay in ketosis. How many macros? How many carbs? How many calories in the entire dish? Can I use artificial sweeteners? Can I substitute something? 

Tons of questions. Tons of doubt.  The Custom Keto Diet gives you a large variety of delicious recipes  to follow. I said delicious! Many people say to eat for nutrition, not for taste. Well OK, if you can do that, good for you! I can’t, at least not for long. It’s not sustainable. These are easy to follow recipes that will keep you in ketosis, which means, you WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

  1. All of the recipes in the plan come with the macros and micros listed. All of this nutritional information helps you to make the right decisions for every meal.
  2. It includes a plan that lets you estimate how much time it will take you to lose the weight and reach your goal.  Too often, keto dieters expect miracle results because of the reputation the keto diet has.  As a result, they feel like they are doing something wrong when they don’t see an extreme weight drop. Then they blame  the keto diet, their genes, their willpower, their cat, whatever.  With the chart in The Custom Keto Diet, you can estimate your weight loss progress and manage your expectations. Even here, there are many variables to consider. 

So, use the plan to have a rough idea of how much fat you can lose, but don’t expect the numbers to be typical results that will apply to you.

  1. This plan is custom tailored to suit your body type, activity level, gender, and even meat and food preferences.  This is The Custom Keto Diet, and it is customized to you. You will answer some simple questions during the customization process before you can even order the plan. Then you will get YOUR CUSTOMIZED Keto Diet Plan.  This is outstanding.  We all have different body types and activity levels. Having a plan made for you is better than a one-size fits all approach.
  2. The Custom Keto Diet is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee, on a program that promises results in 56 days! If you’re not satisfied, you can always get a refund.  My guess is you would pay 5 times as much when you see the results.
  3. You’ll get immediate access to this product after customizing and purchasing it. You can start right away! No excuses! I suggest you get it the day before you plan to start the keto diet. If you already started the keto diet, get it now.

The Bad Points:

  1. The keto diet is restrictive.  Well, all diets are.  That means there are lines you need to stay between.  Yes, the Custom Keto Diet lays it all out simply for you in her step-by-step guide. But, your success will depend upon you sticking to the plan. This does mean using discipline and sticking to it. You will feel so much better though if you do!
  2. This product can only be purchased here, it is not available in bookstores or elsewhere.  You’ll need a debit/credit card or a PayPal account to buy and access it. I do suggest you print out the plan for easier reference.

Conclusion. Should you buy it?

If you plan to start the keto diet, you’ll want to start off right. Following the Custom Keto Diet plan, tips and techniques will provide guaranteed results. Yeah, the keto diet is simple. Digging a ditch is simple.  That doesn’t mean it’s easy.   Eat fats, don’t eat carbs. Easy, right?  Wrong! As mentioned, it’s very easy to come out of ketosis from hidden sugars and carbs that may be in your meals without you even realizing it.  You will also see TONS of “keto” or “keto friendly” and “Atkins” foods, meals, bars, snacks, treats, even bread in the stores. “Net carbs” becomes very tricky. If you aren’t in Ketosis, you won’t succeed in the keto diet. It’s all based on this.  For me, and many others, cholesterol IMPROVED (shocking to many). A1C and daily glucose numbers are way down. My Doctor kept taking me off and lowering doses on my diabetic medications, until there were none!  So, the Custom Keto Diet gives you a detailed plan to follow to get there (ketosis) and stay there.  It has worked for thousands of people because it takes all the guesswork out of the equation.

If you, no, make that WHEN you follow this plan, you will succeed in 8 weeks. You want to see that fat melt off, don’t you? 8 weeks. Yeah, you’ll have a few cravings the first 2 weeks. You can handle it.

You  just need to follow the plan. It’s safe and affordable, plus you’re covered by their 60-day no questions asked, iron-clad money back guarantee. Really I could have saved us both a bunch of time, and just said that alone! Use The Custom Keto Diet to banish your fat in no time, get energy, brain power, and live with less pain.  

Again, getting knocked out of ketosis sucks because you really feel it, and it might take a day or a week or more to get back into ketosis.  It’s not just that you stop losing weight. You won’t believe how different you feel when you are back to glucose burning mode and not in ketosis.  This plan keeps you there better than you can alone.  They sell supplements that “get you instantly” into ketosis….. I will handle that subject in another post but I can tell you this. I paid more for one month’s supplements than the Custom Keto Diet plan cost, and it’s a one time fee.

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Here is a video on How To Start A Keto Diet that may help you out:

Regular diet vs. Custom Keto Diet